Hyperlink by Consensys

Nov 13, 2023, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

​Consensys is bringing Hyperlink, an event series that brings the most influential topics, trends and thought leaders under one roof to Istanbul.

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In-person event

About this event

Join us for a day full of thought-provoking conversations, a thriving friendly community, and a foundation built upon the pillars of hyperlinks and protocols. You’ll be able to connect with leaders developing cutting-edge theses, discuss new insights from heads-down builders, and learn as experts take the stage to discuss, compare, and explore the latest tools and trends.

​As the event unfolds, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a diverse group, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, and savor some delicious food and drinks.

​Spots for this event are extremely limited to secure your seat today!

Programming Schedule

  • 10.00am: Doors Open
  • 11.30am: Opening Remarks
      • Francesco Andreoli, Consensys
  • 11.35am: Supercharging Collaboration With a Better Wallet
    • The wallet-site connection has come to define web3, but it leads to millions in loss per day. What are some approaches to solving this that nobody in web3 is talking about?
      • Dan Finlay, Consensys
  • 11.45am: Bring Your Own Account Experience to MetaMask
    • Extension via Account Management Snaps Account Management Snaps, part of the MetaMask Snaps Open Beta, enables developers to improve account security and usability. Join us to bring your innovations to MetaMask users using features like Multi-Party Compute and hardware wallets.
      • Daniel Rocha, Consensys
  • 12.00pm: The Journey to Train One Million Web3 Builders; the African Narrative to Shape Global Web3 Adoption
    • Africa is full of young, vibrant, and curious individuals with limited opportunities compared to those in the global North. Join Eric Annan, Founder and CEO of Aya to learn more about enabling African talent to help shape the future of web3.
      • Eric Annan, Aya
  • 12.10pm: Building a Decentralized Trust and Reputation Mechanism
    • In the context of building MetaMask permissionless extensibility, we are going to share our ongoing experimentation to build a decentralized trust & reputation mechanism leveraging Karma3 Labs Reputation protocol.
      • Dayan Brunie, Consensys
      • Gloria Kexin Wu, Karma3 Labs
  • 12.25pm: Wallet Developer Tooling
    • In This session, we'll explore building with MetaMask alongside dApp and gaming developers. Learn how MetaMask Snaps and MetaMask SDK empower developers to create and optimize applications. Join us to discuss the role developer tools play in advancing DeFi and web3 for a more secure and user-friendly digital frontier.
      • Bogdan Habic, Tenderly
      • Francesco Andreoli, Consensys (Moderator)
      • Hassan Malik, Consensys
  • 1.00pm: Lunch
  • 1.30pm: Using Metamask and Infura in the Most Private Way with RPC-over-HOPR
    • Crypto embodies 'don't trust, verify.' Web3 empowers users to control their finances and data. While Ethereum excels in decentralizing money, data privacy needs urgent improvement. In this presentation, Sebastian demonstrates private RPC middleware between MetaMask and Infura, preventing IP data harvesting. RPCh, using the HOPR mixnet, restores privacy to web3 while leveraging familiar tools and services.
      • Sebastian, HOPR
  • 1.40pm: What's New in Decentralized Tech
    • In our upcoming fireside chat with Stani, founder of Aave and Lens, we will navigate the transformative world of decentralized technology. From its overarching benefits and influence across sectors to the specifics of Aave's V3 upgrade and the challenges in Decentralized Finance, our conversation promises insightful revelations. We'll also deep-dive into Aave's new stablecoin, GHO, its potential role in future internet transactions, and round off with insights into the evolving landscape of decentralized social platforms, especially highlighting Aave's Lens V2. Join us for a compelling exploration of the decentralized digital frontier.
      • Francesco Andreoli, Consensys (Moderator)
      • Stani Kulechov, Aave and Lens Protocol
  • 2.20pm: Simple Finance Applications for the Masses
    • Let’s go back to the basics of simple financial applications that target billions of users left behind by large institutions. Join Yoseph Ayele, Founder of Borderless Africa for a discussion highlighting verticals of opportunity for builders to create value in while bridging the crypto economy to the rest of the world.
      • Yoseph Ayele, Borderless Africa
  • 2.30pm: On-Chain Attestations
    • Hosted by Simon Brown, Senior Blockchain Ecosystem Advisor of Verax, the panel will feature founders from Intuition, Relinkd, Clique and PADO Labs, who will cover use cases and challenges for on-chain attestation.
      • Billy Luedtke, Intuition
      • Helena Dikhtiaruk, Relinkd
      • Kevin Yu, Clique
      • Simon Brown, Consensys (Moderator)
      • Xiang Xie, PADO Labs
  • 3.10pm: How Web3 Developer are Enabling Public Goods Use Cases
    • In this fireside chat, we'll explore web3 technology and its impact on public goods provision. Discover how developers leverage decentralized tech for transparency, fewer intermediaries, and fair resource distribution, shaping a trusted and sustainable digital era.
      • Crystal Street, Consensys
      • Kevin Owocki, Gitcoin
  • 3.40pm: Web3 Social Memberships: Let’s Monetize!
    • In this short presentation we will learn how to quickly and easily add onchain monetization through the use of Unlock Protocol.
      • Julien Genestoux, Unlock Protocol
  • 3.50pm: Closing Remarks
      • Francesco Andreoli, Consensys

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Monday, November 13, 2023
8:30 AM – 1:00 PM UTC