Hello, Builders! Join our teams and leaders from Consensys, MetaMask, Linea, and Phosphor as we head to Brussels for EthCC 7. We've prepared an interesting lineup of side events covering the most crucial Web3 topics, including smart accounts, security, growth experiments, multichain UX, and more. With insights from us and our ecosystem partners, expect spicy themes and plenty to discuss. Let's cook!

Here are all of the events we're hosting or participating in. Be sure to sign up and we'll see you there.

Linea Voyage Waypoint: Opening Night

Come kick off the first night of the Voyage Waypoint where the Linea Ecosystem will first gather in Brussels for an evening of food, drinks, and good vibes.


MetaMask Spotlight: Building Onchain

Curious about smart accounts, growth experiments, multichain UX, dev tooling and more? Join the MetaMask team and our partners on all the fun of building onchain.


Live #OnLinea

Join us for panels, workshops, and meetups to explore Ethereum scaling, emerging markets, on-chain identity, decentralized social, and so much more.

Onchain Security

Join us for an educational event and hear from C suite executives and Founders of leading security protocols, who make it their mission on a day-to-day basis to ensure the safety of user assets. Hosted by MetaMask and Linea.

Linea @ ETHCC

Meet us at our booth at ETHCC to learn more about the great things we're cooking in the ecosystem and some of our partners and chefs. There will be swag. Obviously.

Linea @ SheFi Summit

Whether you're a seasoned expert or a curious newcomer, the SheFi Summit is the place to explore the limitless possibilities of on-chain technology.


Join us for this engaging partner event where we give the stage to AWS. We will dive deep into how they engage web3 builders, what solutions exist next to hosting, how it all ties to Linea and how they see current momentum.


Come engage with 20+ innovative use cases presented by AVS core teams over two hours. Each use case is followed by a brief Q&A session, ensuring a highly interactive and immersive experience.

VC Gathering

We're bringing you an opportunity to join in thought-provoking conversations, connect with Linea-aligned VCs and heads-down builders, and learn from each other. All happening at The Voyage Waypoint.


Builder Days

Join us for a full day of immersive learning and inspiration tailored specifically for web3 builders. From groundbreaking technologies to innovative approaches, Builders Day is your gateway to exploring the cutting edge of web3 development.

Builder Nights

​Immerse yourself in insightful discussions with the biggest brains in the Web3 game, network with other giga 🧠, and expand your knowledge. Gain insights about the Future of Work and Web3 from Ethereum Co-Founder and Consensys CEO, Joe Lubin and Consensys Chief People Officer, Amanda Keleher. The evening promises to be filled with builder insights and ample networking opportunities! 🤝

MetaMask x Linea @ ETHGlobal

MetaMask x Linea @ ETHGlobal Our amazing DevRels will be all over ETHGlobal this year hosting bounties, awarding big prizes, and answering all of your questions about building in the ecosystem. Come bother us and let's cook!